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KIDOOFOOT camps in Albufeira and Marbella offer an unforgettable experience for children who are passionate about football during the holidays. Supervised by former professional footballers, young players improve their technical and tactical skills and develop team spirit but also ecological thanks to our KidooFooteco program

Ecological Football

kids football camp kidoofoot
KIDOOFOOT children's football courses in Albufeira and Marbella

promote eco-responsible football among children

Our mission :

The KIDOOFOOT ecological children's football camps in Albufeira and Marbella represent an extraordinary opportunity to combine passion for sport and environmental awareness. These unique courses are supervised by renowned former professional footballers, who share their knowledge and love of the game with young talents.

One of the most distinctive aspects of these internships is the Footéco training, which stands out for its commitment to sustainability and the use of ecological materials. Young players are introduced to a new approach to football that incorporates equipment made from recycled materials and wood. The use of these materials is not only environmentally friendly, but it also encourages participants to think about the impact of their actions on the planet.


Children who join these KIDOOFOOT camps benefit from a comprehensive educational experience. They develop their technical and tactical skills under the tutelage of seasoned professionals. The training is intensive, but the emphasis is on fun, learning and personal development. Former professional footballers share their experiences, pass on valuable advice and inspire young players to give their best.

However, what really sets KIDOOFOOT apart is its commitment to sustainability. The use of recycled and wooden materials for football equipment creates a unique experience for participants. Not only do they learn the skills needed to succeed in the field, but they also become aware of the need to preserve our environment. This helps them become more responsible citizens who are sensitive to the planet.


By participating in these KIDOOFOOT eco-friendly kids soccer camps in Albufeira and Marbella, young athletes develop their passion for soccer while gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability. They learn to play, grow and flourish while respecting nature, while benefiting from the expertise of true football professionals.

Our objectives in figures

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Less Water


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Reduced Greenhouse Gases


KIDOOFOOT children's football courses in Albufeira and Marbella

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Less Nonrenewable Energy


During its KIDOOFOOT children's football camps, the materials used are primarily recycled.

Advice on ecological actions will be given by our coaches with the establishment of an ecological football workshop.

Our trainees will have access to a KIDOOFOOTECO account in order to earn rewards on their actions for the planet carried out every day.

Eco-responsible advice and rewards


KIDOOFOOT children's football courses in Albufeira and Marbella
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